Case Study - Saving lives with accessible breast screening

2 million+ breast exams, 12 countries, 1 application. See how iBreastExam enables breast cancer detection to be quick, painless and accessible like never before.

Medical Technology, USA


“What I’m holding here has the potential to help save 10 million lives.”

There’s no better introduction to iBreastExam than that in cofounder Mihir Shah’s opening pitch on ‘Unicorn Hunters’ , a television series on Amazon Prime that gained support from all 7 investors, including Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak. Staying true to its vision, iBreastExam is revolutionizing the healthcare sector across the world - by making painless, standardized breast examinations to identify breast lesions early for all. This is through a hand-held, FDA approved, non-invasive & radiation-free mobile health device with data shared to an app on your phone.

A groundbreaking innovation in the early detection of breast cancer, iBreastExam empowers doctors, medical professionals and healthcare workers to action proactive rather than reactive approaches to healthcare. This champions the critical impact of accessible, non-invasive screening technologies in early detection of potential health issues, and has received $1.7 million+ USD in grants and 15+ awards including from the World Health Organisation, Bayer Cares Foundation and the Pfizer Foundation.

As with many kinds of cancers, people are often unaware of breast cancer until a lump or other symptoms are detected. Even at this stage, breast examination through mammography has had hesitancy due to the involvement of radiation in the process, or due to pain and discomfort felt by some individuals by the pressure exerted from testing equipment. Apart from stigma, cost plays a pivotal role especially for lower and middle income regions.

UE LifeSciences, the umbrella initiative, embodies innovation at its core, demonstrating how life-saving technologies can also be cost-effective and accessible. iBreastExam stands as a stellar example of its products - for seamless maintenance of data records and secure access to people and healthcare practitioners. Working with Creo to power its technology, all the software in the iBreastExam ecosystem was re-engineered from the ground up - from mobile apps to servers in the back-end.

The partnership resulted in a highly scalable architecture for critical health data in large volumes, ensuring faster load time and a whooping 75% reduction in server costs. The steadfast efforts in making early detection equitable and accessible for over 2 million individuals across the world, garnering features in Forbes, TED, BBC News and YourStory among others.

Embracing the power of prevention, the effortless functioning of iBreastExam reinforces the commitment to expanding access to life-saving diagnostics, ensuring that more individuals worldwide can embrace the promise of a healthier future.

What we did

  • Design
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Web Application
  • APIs
  • Back-end

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